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Horse Camps


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Horse camp is for young equine enthusiasts who want to learn everything they can about horses! A small group of kids allows for plenty of focus on your child's development - in the saddle and on the ground! We learn about body language, how horses think, how to be safe around horses, how to show leadership to gain a horse's trust, how to set boundaries, and about the general care of horses. In the saddle, we seek to improve balance, timing and coordination. The highlight of horse camp is getting to play with a trained 'liberty horse' - getting to demonstrate communication and the ability to move and direct the horse without any ropes or restraints! This is a truly unique experience that shows what's possible when we learn to think like a horse! Kids learn what is needed to offer the horse safety and connection. English and Western saddles available. Camp is generally for ages 8 and up. I will consider more 'mature' 7 year old children. 
If your child is a complete beginner, please try to book min. 2 private lessons before camp week if you can. We have some very beginner friendly horses with "more whoa than go" that are suitable for riders with no experience. It's perfectly fine if your child is new to horses but it can be helpful to have a bit of one-on-one time first!
If your child is more experienced or is bringing their own horse, let me know so I can make arrangements and adjustments to my program! I may suggest certain weeks over others but can also be fairly flexible and cater to different skill levels when there is only up to 5 kids per week.
Please bring:
-Signed waiver (or get parent to sign one upon arrival)
-Comfortable boots with a bit of heel to prevent the foot from sliding through the stirrup (even rubber boots can work)
-ASTM/SEI approved riding helmet (no bike helmets) or request to borrow a helmet. However your own is always best for integrity, fit and hygiene! 
-Lunch, snacks, water bottle, swimsuit or change of cloths (we sometimes do water fights), long pants, bug spray, sunscreen, etc.
Dates in poster. Please contact me with any further questions. I am First Aid certified, have many years of teaching experience as well as almost 3 decades of horse and riding experience. I maintain adequate coaching insurance. If you are interested in further insurance for yourself or your child, please obtain a yearly membership with the Saskatchewan Horse Federation. It is very affordable and a great idea!
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