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Liberty Secrets on Sundays! This January!

I have successfully used liberty training on several horses and it has enhanced my horsemanship experience in ways I never expected. It is a process to learn the buttons and keep a horse responsive to the cues and suggestions. I invite you to learn my secrets and the exercises I use to prepare my horses for liberty. Not only can these exercises enhance a person’s connection with their horse, they're fun, relatively safe and rewarding for almost anyone! I started off self-taught but gained refinement through a few different trainers, mainly Jimmy and Andrea Anderson. I have used Liberty to:

-relax a nervous horse or restart a horse that didn’t get a good introduction to the concept of pressure

-motivate a sluggish horse (free up its feet) -increase playfulness in a horse

-build strength, mobility and topline muscle before riding, such as for a horse that's being conditioned into shape, a horse that isn’t 100% sound (but still able to be used) or a horse too young to be started under saddle

-gain confidence for both horse and human

-develop a better understanding of feel and timing


All 4 Sundays in January. 1:30pm-4:30pm. Prices include tax - $80 per afternoon which works out to be $320 for January, as it is recommended to attend all 4 days. Lesson horse rental is $30 per day or bring your own horse. Price includes the haul-in fee to our facility. Pay in full to register; please email You will be refunded for any days with bad roads and/or temperatures -20 Celsius without the windchill (indoors will be warmer). Maximum 6 students. HEATED indoor off highway 16, about 25 minutes from the NW Saskatoon city limits. Indoor round pen will be set up for some of the exercises. Some of the exercises will include one or more of my own horses to learn how it feels to do liberty. You will have the week to practice with your horse so that progress can happen without overloading the horse or human - I find progress is often incremental! Video is showing my off-the-track-thoroughbred (Tuff) and what was a nervous, unstarted 5 year old gelding (Theo). Breanna 306-202-6737

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