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Road to Serenity

The story

No matter where I taught, it seemed there were issues like arena footing too deep or too shallow for the horses. Since moving to SK and leaving the acreage where I raised my son in his early days, paying horse board and land rent for all my horses was crippling me. Something had to give! So I bought a piece of treed land near Borden, and got a mortgage to build an indoor riding arena. My family had been gracious in helping me get to this next step in my life and I still live in under 400 square feet to afford my lifestyle. Priorities, right? Besides I seriously always wanted a real tiny house on wheels - just like in the TV shows!



Lesson Horses

We take pride in having sound, quality lesson horses who get regular maintenance care, from chiro to dental. Our more "beginner-friendly" horses are Rae, Sweetie, Roo, Clint and Sunny. We have many other horses for liberty, jumping, dressage and western disciplines, like Cowboy Challenge, including Tazza, Tuff and Theo. 

Indoor and Outdoor Arena

We have the facilities to go year-round! The indoor arena is a *huge* 72' by 180' of riding area (200' of total length).


Summer and Easter camps as well as weekly lessons are my main services right now. I stand out from other lesson programs by having a personable atmosphere where I treat each student like they may one day be the next great horseman or woman!

I was a nervous rider starting out so I like to help those who are working through some anxiety, but most of all, I want my students to come away from lessons having learned good habits and effective methods for working with horses - including gaining the self-awareness and self-confidence needed to discover a great partnership over time.

But let me warn you, it can take a lifetime to master great horsemanship! I continue to learn and takes clinics, even with approximately 27 years of experience! There is always something new that I'm learning. Your horse is only as good as you are  - and we ALL have components to work on with ourselves!

Please note, my goal is not to be a big lesson barn. I do not teach large groups of 6-10 or more per class like some lesson barns that I've experienced. I teach one-on-one or in a small group setting (up to 3 students at once). This is the only way I can provide quality instruction for my students.  As a result of my commitment, I expect great students in return. I want to teach those who have an enthusiasm to learn, are punctual and respect my time as an instructor. This is why lessons are paid for upfront (in advance), and while I don't expect perfect attendance, I do expect a certain level of dedication and follow-through. I am preparing, maintaining and continuing to educate and "tune-up" these horses for my students. All that care and maintenance is costly in terms time and money. I require 24 hours notice of cancellation to provide a make-up time for any missed lessons, especially considering my rates are very reasonable for this industry, as is, and I am committed to remaining affordable. 

I also offer some horse training. Mostly, I work on my own project horses but I will take on a certain number of clients for training or breaking/starting horses. More often than not, I find it's the humans who need the most training, however! Each time we ride or work with a horse, we are either training or un-training. This is another big reason why focused, small group instruction is so important to me!

"The horse knows if you know, and he knows if you don't know!" Fortunately, our beginner horses are relatively forgiving and quite gracious! They have little quirks here and there. They have good and bad days just like us, but are generally very wonderful for "learning" riders (which we all are, to varying degrees!!!)








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