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“Freestyle” is a course you choose as you go! Any level is welcome and you ride to your ability. You are judged on the first 14 unique obstacles or approaches that you choose to attempt, within a 6-minute overall time limit. If you attempt an obstacle, that obstacle 'counts' for a score even if you are unable to complete the obstacle. If you are doing something unique from your first attempt using the same obstacle (are wanting two different scores using the same object, e.g. crossing the skinny bridge vs. side-passing the skinny bridge) you must perform an in-between obstacle before going back to perform the new approach. The Judge determines whether the new approach is distinct enough from the first attempt in order to merit a score. In other words, this in-between obstacle differentiates each attempt when obstacles/objects are repeated with different kinds of maneuvers. Professional and non-professional riders may enter this division, and you must ride to your ability with great diligence. Bridle-less, if performed, must be done with extreme care and is done at the rider's risk. No standing on a horse's back allowed in this division, but you may incorporate bareback riding. If the whistle is blown by the Judge, you must immediately carry on to the next obstacle of your choice. Again, if the whistle is blown, discontinue your current attempt because the whistle indicates that the Judge is not comfortable with the approach you are taking. Remember, the Judges decision is always final. If you want to absolutely clarify to the Judge that a certain maneuver requires a score, call out "obstacle", e.g., for rollback turns or a free-ride that must be a minimum of one full lap of the arena. Otherwise, you must accept the Judge's interpretation of your course.

DEC 8 Freestyle Entry