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BORDEN, SK - immediately off highway16!

Road to Serenity Farm

Serving Saskatoon
& North Battleford
Breanna at her second liberty demo
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Breanna in Red Deer as young teenage on her dad's horse, Clint
Cowboy Challenge training - Breanna on Lonestar 
tuff_lay_down (2).png
Teaching her off-the-track-thoroughbred, Tuff, to lay-down on cue 


Breanna as a teenager on Lake Louise, Vancouver 2002


I grew up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, taking lessons from a young age and initially showing in hunter/jumpers for many years. My mom wanted me to be a ballerina, but I disliked dance classes with a passion. Since as early as I can remember, I wanted to be around horses every chance possible.

As a teenager, I didn't really have much of a social life, nor did I get into too much trouble! Instead, I went to horse shows every month during show season, and was at the stable 5 days a week. In other words, I was a total "barn rat". My family boarded and leased horses at riding facilities, and the riding stable is always where I felt most 'at home'. 

My first horse was an off the track thoroughbred named Private Carousel aka "Kara". This horse ended up having a little too much 'flighty' energy for a novice rider. We won ribbons in the hunter ring, but she also frequently ran off with me and so we eventually sold her.

My supportive parents had purchased an amazing mare for me to ride when I turned 16 year old. Her name was Lake Louise aka "Louise". Together, this horse and I would travel to many shows across Western Canada, from the Saskatoon Summer Sun to Spruce Meadows to Thunderbird Park in Vancouver. My coach, Gaia Parker, really helped me understand and partake in the competition world. Lake Louise was such a talented Dutch warmblood who was later sold "semi-retired" to a wonderful home in Millarville, AB for a very high value due to all of her championships.

At age 20, I acquired Carato Z, aka "Clint", from my dad who had previously sent the horse to several professional trainers to "figure out his issues"  -  issues that included (but were not limited to) extreme spookiness/lookiness and refusals at fences. Clint was originally imported from Germany and was purchased here in Canada from CJ Performance Horses. He was talented as ever but hard to get around a course of jumps with even the most accomplished riders. 

This is the horse that *really* sent me on my horsemanship journey! I'll never forget my first clinic with Josh Nichol, witnessing the "magic" of a true horseman. A generous dressage rider from a very nice facility where I had started teaching lessons offered me a spot in his clinic. Because I was teaching kids, she thought I would benefit from his perspective. I'll never forget how she refused to accept payment for the spot she'd given me! I was incredibly grateful because it was such an eye-opening 3-day weekend. At the clinic, we really got to the core of Clint's 'issues' and my partnership with this horse began to have a serious basis for transformation and  growth!

I would continue to take many more horsemanship clinics over the next decade and a half from incredible individuals like Chris Irwin, Buck Brannaman, Jimmy Anderson and Patrick King (you never stop learning!!!) I also really appreciated the soft approach of my 'casual coach' during university, Shannon Daly.


In all honesty, many coaches and clinicians have shaped my journey with horses. After my first university degree, I worked as a trainer/instructor at a hunter/jumper facility. Then I got pregnant with my son, and after he was born, I moved to Saskatchewan where my son's dad was born and raised.


Over the next few years, I would really get into Cowboy Challenge events and well as starting young horses. I was hooked! I won a couple buckles in different horsemanship associations and I have remained a certified CCC Judge since 2012. 


I now own almost (but not quite...) too many horses! I needed to put them to good use so I started a riding school following my Master's program at the U of S. In all honesty, teaching and imparting insights are my passions. I enjoy starting horses and working with the ones that need extra time and patience - a gift from the difficult Clint, who's now 26 years old, still with me, and ridden by kids as young as 4 years old. Full retirement was too boring for him and, besides, he's almost a perfect gentleman now!


Finally, I have most recently gained a passion for liberty training and in-hand work.  Horses are my primary teachers and I have been blessed with the absolute best teachers I could ask for!


Breanna as a teenager on Lake Louise, Vancouver 2002

How I Can

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Arrive at least 15 minutes early to brush and tack-up. Approx. 60 minutes in the saddle. 1-2 other riders in the lessons. Untack and clean up. Call, text or email to look...
Semi Private or Small Group Session
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